Friday, October 23, 2009

Finding New Bags, Plus Why Editors Go to Some Appointments and Not Others: BAGTRENDS

Dear Bagistas,

After previewing Frye's Spring 2010 collection on Tuesday, I walked about 20 blocks (it was a shame to waist a picture perfect Indian Summer day) to preview collections from Wunderlich Inc and P3R - the former is a new, New York-based firm founded by my fellow Divas Who Dine gal Gwen Wunderlich and the latter is an LA-based firm. Sometimes editors go to appointments because they want to support their friends and don't care what is showing. That's pretty much why I came to this preview. But, I did find many goodies that I'll be using for stories on, as well as my work for TV, AOL's, and Twolia.

Although I'm not into t-shirts, let alone one's with text and images, numerous styles from Kid Dangerous' assortment brought a gitty smile to my face. "I Heart Bay Side" with the heart being the face of Zack Morris aka Marc Paul Gossling is a must buy.

On the accessories front, Charmed Circle had unique items including a caged heart that opens to hold gem stones and an envelope charm that open to reveal an engraved note you can personalise. I also enjoyed playing around with hats from D&Y, all of which retail under $40 and have a very loyal celeb following.

As for bags, spring's assortment from Anavaa Kisasa (which presented at the recent BagTrends NYC Arm Candy Party) had a very Wonder Woman feel and I think I'm going to start a new bag relationship with Madison Kelly NYC. The big, python shoulder bag I'm demonstrating in the picture below will give your girlfriends something to talk about.

This appointment lasted about an hour, mostly because I was delighted to catch up with P3R's Raphie C. whom I haven't seen since our days at InStyle. She was always the cool girl I looked up to - smart, with a sharp tongue and very good at what she did. I can't wait to visit her this week in Los Angeles. I'll be sure to wear my Kid Dangerous t-shirt (just as soon as I buy one) with a faux-fur vest over it, a Lena Erziak handbag, JustOne leggings and my Christian Louboutin pewter peeptoe pumps. I think that's very LA, no?

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman

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