Sunday, March 25, 2007

Jenny Yuen Handbags - a name to watch in 2007 : BAG TRENDS

Dear Bagistas,

Remember this name: Jenny Yuen. This is the brand to watch for 2007. Jenny's bags are smart, functional and stylish. The Sherlock, Jenny Yuen's must-have day bag, is the new love of my life

As I do with all bag before they are written-up on the BagTrends e-zine or available in our shop, I took it for a test run. The Sherlock glamorously withstood a rigorous day of meetings (translation: I needed mucho space for my files/tech gadgets), me running around the city in 4 inch heals (no added back ache from a nutty big bag, Jenny's is sized right!), and needing instant access to my notepad (ideas come at me all the time). The clever design takes into account a gals need for pockets both inside and out!

While The Sherlock comes in a wide variety of shades, I've opted to only purchase the black pebble grain leather option for our whop. Why? Because I think a day bag should be tough and I prefer to carry textured/pebble grain leather over a softer finished leather (which is how the almond and blush Sherlocks are). If you are interested in another shade, I can send you and image and place a custom order.

Jenny Yuen has many more bags (which I am gladly going to test asap). Don't be surprised to see more styles from this new designer in soon.

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman

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