Friday, July 28, 2006

Lulu Guinness - Holiday / Resort PREVIEW

Dear Bagists,

I had the pleasure of previewing the holiday/resort collection from Lulu Guinness today. Those familiar with the designer, know that she's very whimsical. Her pieces are bold and not for the faint at heart.

For holiday, the inspiration was astronomy, fortune and tarot cards. A snakeskin star shaped clutch caught my eye. It comes in pewter and gold, which will be quite popular shades for the holiday season.

Various purses and totes had a silver-star closure, rather than the usual square or button shape.

If you love your shoes, as much as your bags Lulu has a whole line a suede, structured bags with enamel or embroidered shoe prints.

The above styles will be available around November. I will try to secure images of the bags so you bagistas can be the first customers to see them!

For more immediate shopping, check out the fall Lulu Guinness Couture collection. It's the glamorous 1950's style that Lulu always embodies in her personal style and the direction of her brand. But, this line really takes the glam factor to a new level. Rich in emerald, plum, red and black the handbags are reminiscent of a chicer era when jeans were uncommon and pantyhose were a must.

Today's woman can pair the suede purses or shoulder bags with jeans or a pencil skirt, and look equally breathtaking. I do warn you that actually holding one of these bags makes you want to embrace the fabulously glamorous fashion season we are about to have - dust off your brocade coat, slip on your silk gloves and don't forget your Lulu Guinness bag.

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Baby Love - Great Diaper Bags

Dear bagistas,

Skip the generic pink and blue diaper bag. You’re a gal with panache and a unique sense-of-style. These baby bags have flair and personality.

1. For the mommy who likes the celebrity treatment, we recommend
Stacey Lapidus’ Tough Baby bag. Fans like Heidi Klum can’t get enough of the sleek, edgy style that looks great with jeans and tee + baby! ($499)

2. For the shabby-chic mommy, we suggest the Baby Beatrix Tote in blue mod by Dante Beatrix, a spacious diaper bag tote made from durable ballistic nylon with roomy exterior pockets. Thankfully, the leather handles lengthen and detach, so you can attach the bag to your stroller. ($185)

3. For the career mom who has the baby in one hand, and a cellphone in the other, the OiOi Messenger Diaper Bag is ideal. The messenger features magnetic snap closure in front, two exterior insulated side pockets, three interior pockets and large wipeable microfiber padded change mat. For all the other elements of your life that may get more hectic now, at least this diaper bag will help keep some things manageable. ($110)

Have a bag-a-licious day!

Pamela Pekerman

Monday, July 24, 2006

Belen Echandia - designer blog

Dear Bagistas,

Some more bag-a-licious scoop from our UK friends...

Jackie Cawthra, the stylish mind behing Belen Echandia hanbags, is cronically her search for good craftsman. Check out her blog at Between sipping coffee in Ecuador and learning about Panama hat weaving, Jackie shared her story of lawyer turned handbag designer.

Don't forget to check out - you can also borrow many of the styles by logging onto

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman

All Smiles in the UK - Susse Collection Handbags

Dear Bagistas,

I found these playful clutches by a UK brand called Susse Collection. OK, so they're actually makeup bags, but they can do double duty. My favorite the white makeup bag with the smiley sunshine - it adds bit of whimsy to your outfit.

I'm thinking about picking up the brand for our SHOP. So, you may be able to pick up these cute creations state side soon.

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman

Summer Sales

Dear Bagistas,

You might be melting in the heat, but retailers are desperate to unload their summer inventory. Now is the best time to shop for clothing and accessories. I did a little online hunting. Here are some great deals I found.

  • Emilio Pucci Mombasa-Print Small Shell Bag WAS: $750.00; SALE PRICE: $299.00

  • Hand Maid Handheld Tote crafted from canvas and leather, and dotted with brass studs WAS: $284; SALE PRICE: $199

  • Bulga Zip Crescent WAS: $588; SALE PRICE: $294

  • Rafe New Bleeker Yolanda Long Flap WAS: $328; SALE PRICE: $135

  • JISU rotunda tote with laser cut suede and metallic leather underlay - only 100 made! WAS: $235; SALE PRICE: $199

  • Ted Rossi pearlized white python clutch WAS: $340; SALE PRICE $289

Have a bag-a-licious day!

Pamela Pekerman

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Kiss and Make Up

Dear Bagistas,

I'm a glamour gal. I rarely wear jeans. The one pair of sneakers I own are hardly used. In fact, if I could, I would wake up in stilettos. So, it's no surprise that I gravitate towards anything that screams Old Hollywood glamour. Case-in-point, my new obsession with kiss-lock frame handbags. They have a wonderful vintage feel that transport my mind into an F Scott Fitzgerald book. For one brief moment I am Daisy, Gatsy's object of affection.

Back on planet earth, some wonderful kiss lock bags include:

  • Marc Jacobs' Stam is big enough for everyday use and the thick chain gives it s rougher, more modern spin
  • Franchi Bella Bow Clutch is ideal for those special evenings
  • Judith Leiber Slim Octagon clutch in black Austrian crystals is never going to go out of style. The price tag is high, but the longevity is worth it.
  • If you’re looking for the real deal, check out your local vintage shop or Not only will the selection impress you, but the founder Cara Chell is quite knowledgeable in the field of vintage bags. You just might learn a something while you shop!

Have a bag-a-licious day!

Pamela Pekerman

Bloggers Who Brunch - recap

Dear Bagistas,

Thursday was an exciting day for fashion and lifestyle bloggers. I am proud to say that the launch of Bloggers Who Brunch was a hit. Our guest speakers were phenomenal. Thank you to: Samir Arora of, Constance White of Meghan Cleary of, Najwa Moses of; Kathryn Finney of

A special "heart" to my partner-in-crime Lesley of As we mentioned at the event, the purpose of Bloggers Who Brunch is to learn from one another and establish our credibility as fashion/lifestyle experts.

A final 'thank you' to our fabulous sponsors for believing in our group and valuaing this new world of blogging. -,,,,,

And now, down to bag-a-licious scoop. The crowd was fashionable, but naturally all I cared about were the bags. My top picks include:

As for me, I was rocking my Ted Rossi pearlized white python clutch. It paired nicely with white pants and a brown/white zebra print wrap shirt from Diane von Furstenberg.

L to R: My mom, Malvina, with my sister / creative director Michelle; Lauren Dimit of with me; Lesley with Najwa Moses of

Always bag-a-licious,
Pamela Pekerman

Thursday, July 20, 2006

SALE -- Rebecca Minkoff

Hey Bagista,

A quick note: our gal Rebecca Minkoff is having a delightful sale on her handbag line.

Visit and type in SCOOP at checkout. You will receive 20% off now through 8/1/06.


Always Bag-a-licious,
Pamela Pekerman

Bloggers Who Brunch

Dearest Bagistas,

My humble apologies for being MIA for nearly 3 weeks. I had a delightful vacation in Eastern Europe (pictures to come) and I've been planning an event that is being held today in NYC.

Introducing ...

Bloggers Who Brunch, a new organization created to celebrate and elevate the best female lifestyle and fashion bloggers. We are unifying and putting a face on this valuable voice. We believe that readers enjoy our content because it's fast, fresh and unpretentious.

Bloggers Who Brunch will host regular networking brunches and evening events such as “Podcasting 101,” ” For the Love of Advertising” and “Branding Yourself.”

WHAT: Bloggers Who Brunch - Blog-a-licious Launch
WHEN: Thursday, July 20th, 12-2 pm
WHERE: Counter Restaurant, 105 First Avenue (between 6th & 7th)
WHO: 40 professional bloggers from the fashion/lifestyle genre
Constance White, Ebay Style Director
Samir Arora, GLAM Media CEO
Meghan Cleary, / author / "shoe psychologist
Tim Gunn, Project Runway / Parsons (unconfirmed)
Kathryn Finney, author
Najwa Moses, founder of

Sponsored by GLAM Media, Bacardi and Bust Magazine.

I will be sharing pictures tonight and more information.

Always Bag-a-licious,
Pamela Pekerman