Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bloggers Who Brunch

Dearest Bagistas,

My humble apologies for being MIA for nearly 3 weeks. I had a delightful vacation in Eastern Europe (pictures to come) and I've been planning an event that is being held today in NYC.

Introducing ...

Bloggers Who Brunch, a new organization created to celebrate and elevate the best female lifestyle and fashion bloggers. We are unifying and putting a face on this valuable voice. We believe that readers enjoy our content because it's fast, fresh and unpretentious.

Bloggers Who Brunch will host regular networking brunches and evening events such as “Podcasting 101,” ” For the Love of Advertising” and “Branding Yourself.”

WHAT: Bloggers Who Brunch - Blog-a-licious Launch
WHEN: Thursday, July 20th, 12-2 pm
WHERE: Counter Restaurant, 105 First Avenue (between 6th & 7th)
WHO: 40 professional bloggers from the fashion/lifestyle genre
Constance White, Ebay Style Director
Samir Arora, GLAM Media CEO
Meghan Cleary, / author / "shoe psychologist
Tim Gunn, Project Runway / Parsons (unconfirmed)
Kathryn Finney, author
Najwa Moses, founder of

Sponsored by GLAM Media, Bacardi and Bust Magazine.

I will be sharing pictures tonight and more information.

Always Bag-a-licious,
Pamela Pekerman

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