Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Devil Is On Fire

How much influence can one movie have - a movie that hasn’t even come out yet? Well, just visit The Devil Wears Prada boutique on to find out. The online shopping mecca has SOLD OUT of the handbag Patria Field (of Sex and The City fame) designed for Anne Hathaway, who plays Andrea, the assistant to editor Miranda Priestly (aka The Devil).

The $79 distressed-brown bag was worn by Hathaway's character. If you are into fashion movie memorabilia, I would definitely get this bag. It's quite versatile, morphing from shoulder bag, to clutch, to purse. Plus, the color can be worn all year around.

Since I haven’t seen the bag in person, I can't vouch for its quality. And based on these comments from Amazon shoppers, you shouldn't expect Prada -

  • "The quality of the bag is horrendous - not at all worth the price paid for! It is considerably smaller than the photographs show. And though the design of the bag is quite ingenious and useful the construction is not. I wish I owned the purse shown in the movie stills not the cheap knock-off sold."
  • "It truly is a medium sized bag even though photos make it look very large."
    Again, I want to say that I really think the bag looks edgy and unique. I don't care for it as a purse or shoulder bag - but as a clutch I love it! $70 is a bit steep for faux leather, but if you're the gall wants a piece of fashion history, go for it.

If you own the bag, I'd love to hear your thoughts. E-mail Send an image of yourself with the bag and we'll post it on the blog.

If you can't wait until August 1st to have the Devil bag, Deux Lux has a VERY similar silhouette.

Have a bag-a-licious day!

Pamela Pekerman

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