Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What To Wear, Black Halo Dresses for Samantha Thavasa Party: BAGTRENDS

Dear Bagistas,

If you've been following me on twitter you know that this has been a very rough week, to put it mildly. Tonight in order to distract my mom, we played dress up and tried to decide which Black Halo dress I should wear to tomorrow's Samantha Thavasa party hosted by My face is blocked - no reason to scare everyone! While trying the dresses on, I realized how much weight I lost this week. Family emergencies are the new detox diet - one I hope you never experience. But, I digress. So non of the size 2 dresses fit quite right, although #2 wasn't that bad and #3 can work with some sticky tape to keep the ladies in place. I'm a huge Back Halo fan and it's a real treat to be able to borrow their dresses. Every celebrity from SJP to Brooke Shields has worn their body-hugging dresses and this season's must-have jump suite. A big thank you to Saba at Factory PR for making my fashion dreams come true. She'll certainly kill me when I call tomorrow to see if they have a smaller size. I'd also LOVE if they have #3 in other colors. But why don't you decide what I should wear?

So to the voting... which of the 4 do you like best?

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Foley + Corinna Handbag Mini Sample Sale: BAGTRENDS

Dear Bagistas,
Foley + Corinna is having a very vip sample sale of about 100 bags and once they are gone, they are gone! This sale is by appointment only so take note:

WHERE: 114 Stanton St btw Ludlow and Essex
WHEN: May 22nd - bags running out, must call 212.526.2338 for appoinment (mention
WHY: 50-75% classic styles you'll always turn to
Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman

Tinsley Mortimer socialite, actress, designer Will Attend Soiree for Samantha Thavasa Handbags: BAGTRENDS

Dear Bagistas,
Exciting updates about this Thursday's BagTrends Soiree for Samantha Thavasa ... the NYC boutique is offering our guests 10% off all bags during the VIP party. Also, socialite and designer Tinsley Mortimer will be on hand* to showcase her newest collection of Tinsley Mortimer for Samantha Thavasa handbags. Did you catch Tinsley on the recent episode of Bravo's newest hit The Fashion Show? Maybe you spotted her on Gossip Girl? She's always looking fabulous clutching a Samantha Thavasa handbag! As if all that isn't enough, we will have a handbag raffle ... but I'll stay mum on the fab bag being offering

Join us this Thursday from 6pm - 8pm. I can't wait to see you there.
WHEN: May 28th 6pm - 8pm
WHERE: Samantha Thavasa NYC, 965 Madison Ave btw 75th and 76th St.
*UPDATE May 27th 5:30PM: Unfortunately, Tinsley has come down with a cold an is unable to fly home to New York from her recent trip in Europe. The party goes on and remains bag-a-lcious! We wish Tinsley a speedy recovery and can't wait to have her back in New York.
Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman
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Friday, May 22, 2009

New Bag-a-licious Video and Beta Launch of BagTrends TV: BAGTRENDS

Dear Bagistas,

Have you noticed all the fabulousness going on at, especially our new videos? They are still in beta form, but we're just so excited to start getting them up. We're rolling out bag-a-licious Friday segments first, but more is to come. I'll also be shooting a fun intro video, then we'll add music and using our tripod. I hope you enjoy them. We would love to hear your feedback and thoughts. Also you can send video responses back to us via BagTrends on Youtube.
Today's video comes from the summer collection of Gustto. I love this yellow clutch. It's that perfect yellow that isn't off putting and works so amazingly well with white and summer purples. And, just to prove that yes I do in fact test drive every single bag-a-licious bag, here's a shot of me with Michelle at the recent White House Black Market Fall 2009 preview event. Are you not loving it?
FYI my fab purple top came from Saks ($30!) and Michelle's white jeans are Seven For All Mankind $20 at Annie Sez. If bargain shopping were a sport, Michelle and would definitely medal.
Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman

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CoutureCandy 25% Off

Monday, May 18, 2009

Anya Hindmarch Hosts Physique 57 Gym Class, Bags and Biceps Make For Bag-a-licious Night: BAGTRENDS

Dear Bagistas,
I'm writing to you from my PJs now post a relaxing bath, lathering up with Votre Vu's Tatre D'Amande (which you can WIN at and moisturizing my face with Elizabeth Arden's Intervene Stress Recovery Night Cream - this all post a very intense work out hosted by the US public relations team for Anya Hindmarch. Dubbed "Anya's Gym Class, Bags + Biceps", the idea came about after Anya began to organize gym classes for her staff in London. Here in New York it's sort of a "thank you" to friends in the media/industry that support the handbag (or actually I should say growing lifestyle brand - they make clothing and shoes.) The Anya Hindmarch ny showroom hosts various gym classes every other week or so and tonight's was a sample of Physique 57. I had no idea what this was going to be about until Michelle began raving, "Oh, that's the Kelly Ripa class ... it's amazing ... you're going to love it." Not being a gym gal, I have to say I did very much love the unique movements, the intensity and the energy of the instructor Shelly Knight. I wont go into the details of what this class is based on, but you can read all about it on their site. Give it a try - you may just see me at their Soho location soon. The evening capped off with a nutrition talk courtesy of the team from Nu-Train. I was hoping to learn some great cooking recipes, but I got more tips on great drinks - which is valuable too! In any event, it was a delightful treat. A thank you to Ashley from Anya Hindmarch for putting it all together. Before departing, I picked up a few bags to feature in an upcoming bag-a-licious video and spent some time playing around with Anya Hindmarch's new coats - sorry PETA, but the fur is divine.

Here are my must-have summer honeymoon picks from Anya Hindmarch:
I've had my eye on this Kaftan since I spotted it last September at the showroom. These colors go with everything!

Class summer tote can't go wrong - beach, office (well maybe not Wall Street office, but to my office this works!)

Love the color blocking, love the colors, comfy foot bed. I'm all over it!
Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman

Elliott Lucca Handbags Great Style at Reasonable Prices: BAGTRENDS

Dear Bagistas,

OK, so define reasonable? To some spending more than $50 for a handbag is unthinkable. To other's the idea of snagging a leather bag under $500 is an amazing deal. Still others - and these gals still exist - can't imagine anything more fabulous than a $7000 Hermes Birkin or a $2000 exotic tote from Nancy Gonzalez. I get all of you ladies and there really is something ideal for everyone's budget if you do your homework. As the title of this post suggests, I use the word "reasonable" with Elliott Lucca because I know how expensive leather is and how much it costs to do weaving well (think Bottega Veneta prices of $1000+) which is a signature of Elliott Lucca. Now, their bags are made in China which is unfortunate when we really need to keep manufacturing jobs in the United States. But, as someone who owns five! of Elliott Lucca handbags I can vouch for the durability of their products and the beauty of the design.
This week, I received a pre-ordered early fall 2009 Elliott Lucca drawstring bucket bag. I've been fixated on this style for about two season's and keep telling everyone (and now you all) that drawstring is going to be the look of fall 2009 and even push into spring 2010. It's the inevitable pull towards a more casual style that we have not seen in a few seasons (but still many of us can do and will do a drawstring on a more sophisticated two-handle shoulder bag). Take a look, for example at this Valencia Draw Tote on the left from the current season - I own this one too. I'd take a picture of my own, but I let Michelle borrow it for a few weeks. It's a great example of drawstring, but on a sharp, more structured body. This bag rocks for work. The honeydew color is truly yummy.

Later on this week, I'll preview the fall/winter 2009 collection of Elliott Lucca on I'll also do a post here on the 5 bags I loved the most and you can vote on which one I should get from the late fall/early holiday collection. Maybe I can get one for a giveaway. Stay tuned!
Here are two more Elliott Lucca drawstring bags worth lusting after:
Elliott Lucca Handbags - Catina Drawstring (Portobello) - Bags and Luggage Elliott Lucca Handbags - Venezia Tote (Bisque) - Bags and Luggage

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekreman
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Carlos Falchi Handbags Brand Purchased by Private Investment Firm: BAGTRENDS

Dear Bagistas,

This just in:
Windsong Brands and Marvin Traub Associates have acquired the Carlos Falchi handbag brand and created Falchi Holdings LLC. The king of exotic skin handbags will remain chief designer and creative director of Falchi Holdings LLC which I hope means the vision and passion put into each handbag will remain in tact. I'm a devoted follower and admirer of Mr. Falchi's work and creative force and hope this shift of power will only lead to positive change for the 37-year-old brand. It's actually quite amazing that the company was able to remain independent for so many years. Hopefully, the next chapter of Carlos Falchi will include freestanding stores and perhaps an expansion into shoes.

I once had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Falchi at his New York City design studio and it was just a dream come true and probably one of my most memorable one-on-ones with a designer. Mr. Falchi was warm and open, sharing personal stories of how he started out in the business and quickly gained a following in the music industry; how he counts Cher as a close friend; and how he views colors ... "I can taste color. Ummm," he mused. I wish him and the new firm much success and look forward to seeing what the future has in store for Carlos Falchi.

From the current season, here are my current favorites:
icon iconicon
Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman

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Fullum and Holt Bags Launch, plus Mandee To The Rescue Again: BAGTRENDS

Dear Bagistas,

Last Tuesday, after having lunch with a new PR friend Ali, I heading up to Ali's office to check out her new handbag client Fullum and Holt. The company is actually a 111-year-old Montreal-based leather goods brand that has crafted products for everyone from the Canadian Armed Forces to John Varvatos and Alexander Wang. Finally out on their own, I found the Fullum and Holt collection to be restrained simplicity. There's no trend-chasing here, no over-the-top it bag and no bold colors. What there is, is great leather shaped into easy-to-wear styles that one won't easily get board of. My personal favorite is the Fullum Shoulder Bag. That's me in the fashion closet at BNC PR with the bag and a painting of Dita von Tess as the backdrop. Before departing, Ali gifted me a pair of dark, super soft, skinny Hudson jeans with inner zippers on the bottom because I mentioned during lunch that I don't wear jeans. How sweat is that? PS I now wear these jeans and feel very cool and fabulous! I may just be a closet jean lover (shhh don't tell all my dresses!) Snag your own pair at

After that, I was off to Parsons to board a luxury limo bus to New Jersey to preview the new Mandee concept store. Note to self: Never go on these types of trips again. Between leaving my previous appointment and finally getting home, this press trip took nearly 5hrs! I loved the pr girls that hosting this event - kudos to the Bromley Group - they did a nice job of packing the cutest lunch bag goodies, gifting everyone a $100 to shop and pouring wine in the limo. But, the traffic was dreadful and there were too many delays which mildly dampened my mood. Forging ahead, once at Mandee I liked the fashion show vibe shoppers will experience, as well as the interpretation of key trends at very affordable prices. My one question: who are they appealing to? I see the Mandee girl as a young 12-18-year-old, but many of the looks were just too sexy for that age group. Call me a prude, but I wouldn't want to see my young daughters (some day) in such looks. Maybe the new Mandee is chasing after an older demographic of say 16-24. In which case there are certainly thrifty pieces to enjoy. For my $100 I was able to buy 2 dresses, a tank top and some bangles. Mandee might not be the place to go for high-brow looks, but if you want to play around with trends and purchase something you don't necessarily care to wear next season (because it's uber trendy and may not last too many wears), it's a good stop. I would go hear for your must-have light-weight scarves, your costume jewelry (which was VERY recession friendly) and silly/naughty undies. You can also grab one fun maxi dress for $30. In the bag department, I was happy to see a few goodies that I'll probably be using for future look for less TV segments - keep an eye out for those!
If you happen to be in Clifton, New Jersey tomorrow, One Tree Hill star and pop singer Kate Voegele will be performing at Mandee. This will kick off her New Jersey concert.
When: May 15th (tomorrow) 5:30 Performance

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Be & D Spring Summer 2009 Sample Sale Alert: BAGTRENDS

Dear Bagistas,

Seems you ladies had a good time at the Botkier sample sale, last week. If you didn't make it out to that one, or are looking for something with a bit more edge and hardware this week's sample sale spotlight goes to my friends Steve and Be of Be & D.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAMPLE SALE ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHO: Be & D

WHERE: 35 West 36th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenue) 10th FL, NYC

WHEN: May 13th and 14th, 9am - 7pm

WHY: 30-75% off bags, shoes (their shoes rock!!), belts and more. Don't miss out on the iconic Garbos and one-of-a-kind samples. The Greta Clutch was $595, now $125 and the Kan Kan Portfolio was$595, now $200.

PS Follow designers Be Inthavong & Steve Dumain on twitter: oh and follow me too

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman

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Monday, May 04, 2009

Botkier Sample Sale SS09 Styles, NYC: BAGTRENDS

Dear Bagistas,

!!!!!!! SAMPLE SALE ALERT !!!!!!!

WHO: Botkier (bags and shoes)

WHERE:172 Mercer Street (corner of Mercer and Houston) in NYC

WHEN: Thursday, May 7th- 12-8pm

Friday, May 8th- 11am-8pm

Saturday, May 9th- 11am-7pm

Sunday, May 10th- 11am-5pm (mother's day)

PHONE: 646-747-4149

WHY: snag iconic Botkier styles like the Sasha medium duffle-- originally $450, now $150 or the Bianca med satchel- originally $450, now $100. And, don't forget about your tootsies. The Dionesse thong sandal originally $225 is a steal at $95!

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman