Friday, December 03, 2010

Pam Tube, Sharing Holiday Gifts on ABC NEWS NOW Dec 3, plus a Giveaway: PAMELA PEKERMAN

Dear Bagistas,
Tune into ABC NEWS NOW (check your local listings) tomorrow around 10:00am to watch me present the products I highlighted on Tuesday's Accessorize for the Holidays event. Plus, I threw in a few extras that you don't want to miss including a super fun gift for the techy on your list. I'm also going to be giving away the Bryna Nicole 3 Stud Bay Bag and Footzyrools' Sparkle Toes to one lucky viewer. Watch the show tomorrow then come back to this post and let me know which product you love the most and why. I'll pick a random comment on December 8th. All comments places by December 7, 2010 11:59pm EST will be eligible to win. This contest is open to international readers!
Good luck.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the anchor ran out of time and was not able to announce the giveaway OR let me squeeze in three more amazing gifts from Blush, Fashion Forms and Case-Mate. However, since someONE did comment, you shall win! Tiaras, follow Lindsay @TeamPamPekerman on twitter and then DM her your mailing address.

In case you missed my segment last Friday, here it is. PS Shout out to Robyn in the makeup room for my eyes. I need your final touches every day!

Pamela Pekerman highlights holiday accessory gift ideas on ABC NEW NOW, Dec 3, 2010.

Accessorizing your body, bedroom & beyond!
Pamela Pekerman


Tiaras said...

Sparkle Toe Footzyrolls - b/c I can never make it through a night in heels!!!

Julie said...

Oh darn. I thought that I would still have until 11:59pm EST tonight to comment. Congrats, Tiaras!