Thursday, February 26, 2009

BagTrends at IMG The Daily Hospitality Suite, New York Fashion Week Fall 2009, AKA Hotel: BAGTRENDS

Dear Bagistas,

As always, I have neglected to post for quite some time. But, my bag-a-licious life has been quite bag-a-licious and I've found that twitter is short and sweat so check me out for regular updates!! I also just signed up for Tumblr, but I’m only in the beginning/orientation stage. And as always, I'm doing stories for And, I'm going to work harder to let you know when a TV segment or bag story that I write is coming out.

So, fashion week - madness!! I only went to one show (Michael Kors) this season because BagTrends was an official presenter at IMG's The Daily Fashion Week Suite. The media/vip hospitality suite was beyond amazing. We (me, Paula - my phenomenal assistant -, and Michelle - the creative director of BagTrends and my awesome sister-) met many great fashion editors, mingled with the celebs, chatted up BagTrends and more. I was so excited to give away a m. Clifford Renee clutch in black croco embossed. This clutch is a perfect shape, fits everything, has the luxury red suede lining, is made in the good-old USA, has the zipper dealing that's a key trend for spring, there are plenty of pockets and it also has a detachable shoulder strap. Ya, I'm obsessed with this bag and with m. Clifford ... and I'm not the only one. All the editors were flipping for this new line, as well as my personal Bodhi safety-pin bag - Bodhi is another one of my Names 2 Watch in 2009. The whole event was held at the AKA Hotel in Times Square. LOVE LOVE this boutique hotel. The staff is very friendly, the location is ideal if you're coming to NYC as a tourist - it's two block from Bryant Park and walking - yes I do it all the time - distance to Central Park. Come on people 15 short blocks down the fabulous 5th Avenue never killed anyone. It's a 20min walk, max. Anyway, so I recommend that. Also, I recommend Amarone Restaurant - they were one of the caterers at the Daily Suite. Yummy yum!! Well, that was how we spent most of fashion week - in a sweat hotel, with plenty of free food, nice people, talking about great bags and promoting our upcoming BagTrends GREEN Arm Candy Party. The pictures speak for themselves. It was a great week.

and just for fun ... here I am with my bff :) Carson Kressley

and here all all the gals: Michelle, Paula, Me

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman


Sabb said...

Thanks for the advice, Ijust checked out the Hotel and it´s really lovely

Pamela Pekerman said...

Hi Sabb,
It's very nice. I don't know about the other locations, but the staff here was just so nice and I saw how they interacted with other guests so it wasn't just because we were part of a big event. A+ fot them.

Have a bag-a-licious day
Pamela Pekerman