Friday, February 27, 2009

Pamela Pekerman Bag-a-licious Fashion Week Fall 2009, My Own Stash Plus BagBorrowOrSteal: BAGTRENDSl

Dear Bagistas,

No fashion week would be complete without a full disclosure of my handbag selection. Despite being in the AKA Hotel for The Daily Hospitality Suite for nearly three full days, I still managed to have plenty of handbag changes. For long stretches away from the office, I went with Rebecca Minkoff's MAB mini in persimmon - it's a wow color you can't miss. Alternatively, I also used the m. Clifford Designs Terrell Tote in black when my coat had enough going on without the need for a pop of color from my bag. For a fun evening affairs, or when I wanted to get extra attention, it was Bodhi's Safety Pin clutch - everyone always asks about it and I love the retro 50s vibe. For a quick coffee run it was my Vegan Queen wallet/clutch - great for holding lipstick and blackberry. And when all of my bag's weren't enough I turned to BagBorrowOrSteal.
Every fashion week, I borrow a few new bags as a test run. I use this company to see if I bag I'm really lusting after will work in my lifestyle. Can you imagine spending $2000 on a bag and then loathing it? Not in today's economy - not ever. So, this season I borrowed:

Chanel Quilted Flap Bag: love the bag, loved the space and outside pocket for metro card, hated how sensitive the leather was because it's just not practical for my hectic bridge-and-tunnel life
VERDICT: would buy post recession in a different finish
Chanel Classic 2.55 Quilted Camel Bag: perfect bag, lives up to the legacy, ideal depth for everything a modern gal needs, can function as work bag if you don't need folders/books/lots of extras, loved all the pockets, loved the patent finish, loved wearing strap long (key look for spring) and short (always "classic"); a perfect rental gift for a month of elegance at $250
VERDICT: recession, smashesion I want this bag now!
Valentino Petal Rose Dome Handbag: a beauty to look at, made me smile when I wore it, leather a bit too sensitive for me, never used the shoulder strap that ruins this dainty style, great day bag if you know there's a cocktail party at night
VERDICT: aesthetically pleasing, wouldn't mind owning it (hint hint Steve), but can live without it - for now
And for the first time, I borrowed jewelry too.
Miriam Haskell Large Beaded Flower Necklace: wawo-wawa!! talk about an attention grabbing piece, couldn't walk across a room without getting asked "where did you get that?", impeccable craftsmanship both on the front and back of the piece!, statement necklace is a must for spring
VERDICT: would love to buy, but I'm sure I'd get board so renting for a week at $42 is ideal to wear the trend while it's hot
Hello Kitty Pink Ceramic Diamond Watch: only a true hello kitty fan can rock this, I couldn't find the right time - no pun intended - to wear this, will try this weekend before I send everything back
VERDICT: you have to be out of your mind or a hello kitty fanatic to buy this for $3K - and this is coming from a big hello kitty fan, sorry I'm going to pass on this one

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman

PS RSVP now for the BagTrends GREEN Arm Candy Party. Admission is Free, Space is limited. April 13th in NYC

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