Saturday, March 14, 2009

BagTrends GREEN Arm Candy Party April 13 2009 in NYC: BAGTRENDS

Dear Bagistas,

I hope you'll join me on April 13th as hosts our first BagTrends GREEN Arm Candy Party, a spin off the signature parties you all know and love. Everything at this event will be green and very bag-a-licious from the designers, to our always fabulous spa room, to the drinks, even our gift bags!! Best of all, this time it's FREE to attend. Space is limited, so you do need to RSVP(at) to ensure your spot!

Why go green, you ask?

Well, I recently read Gorgeously Green and it all just clicked. I've always recycled my basics, sometimes even going beyond and ripping apart old designer lookbooks to remove the non-recyclable parts. I don't waste water and turn off lights/electronics when not in use. But, that was it. What about my makeup and the chemicals I was putting on my face and then when I washed it off where did those chemicals go and what did they do? And, what about reusable materials for home and fashion design? I loved that Gorgeously Green didn't overwhelm or preach; it slowly educated and offered up options - many of which I still plan to research further!!

And that brings me back to the BagTrends GREEN Arm Candy Party. Consumption is a way of life and the only way to really push change is to show consumers that green can be gorgeous, and well, bag-a-licious. If we start to spend our green dollars on green merchandise it will a) show our political leaders what we value b) create competition in the green market and c) lower the costs of many eco products. So, the past few months I've been on the hunt for amazing green/eco handbag lines, jewelry and in the bag essentials. It's been an exciting challenge and the journey of educating myself has been an added reward. I hope you'll come to the BagTrends GREEN Arm Candy Party to shop amazing green lines, sip our eco drink, indulge in our green spa, and leave with a fabulous gift bag (which ps is compostable, fare trade, reusable and cute) full of good-for-you and good-for-mother-nature items.

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman
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