Monday, November 23, 2009

Elliott Lucca Summer 2010, Which Handbag Should I Get: BAGTRENDS

Dear Bagistas,

Last week I previewed Elliott Lucca, The Sak, Sakroots and Freebird summer 2010 collections - all part of The Sak Brand. I love this particular appointment for several reasons: the fabulous Andrea who handles PR, the affordable and stylish bags, the fact that smart questions are asked and notes are taken by the pr rep during the appointment, and getting to choose any handbag I fancy. That means, I get a bag from The Sak Brand about 5 times per year. Sweat perk no?

This time, I'd like your help in selecting the handbag I should get.

I've narrowed it down to a new silhouette from Elliott Lucca (see below). This satchel has signature woven detailing on the front, a generous opening, shoulder strap option, and plenty of pockets. I'm loving the white because I just need a new white bag and I like the tortes shell accent on the turnlock. The metallic navy color is also quite nice. So, which do you prefer for me?

Leave a comment below stating which color you prefer and why ... who knows, maybe you'll win one too - hint, hint!


Anonymous said...

definitely go with the navy. its a great color and really shows off the style lines of the bag.

MichPo said...

I love the elliott lucca bags! So cute.

Pamela Pekerman said...

ya MichPo, I'm a big fan. I own about 5 bags. It's great value and style. So, which of the above colors do you like the most - metallic blue or the white?

Bonjour Lovely. said...

Definitely the Metallic Blue. SO hot.

Anonymous said...

Soft navy blue hues are in at the moment. Give your wardrobe some pop with color. White is always a summer trend so keep it different.

cleo said...

Navy hues are in style this season plus you will add some "pop" to your wardrobe. White is always a summer staple but let's be honest bold colors are pretty.