Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet Joy Mangano, HSN Superstar and Power Woman: PAMELA PEKERMAN

Joy Mangano and Pamela Pekerman at Joy's 10th Anniversary
with HSN press preview
Dear Bagistas,

In addition to Jennifer Lopez, Karen Robinovitz, Kelly Ripa and Kathryn Finney, I officialyl have a new female power woman to lust after and admire in a totally professional way – Joy Mangano.

If that name doesn’t ring a bell, you clearly don’t watch enough HSN. If you did, you would have seen Joy selling her wares, which include Huggable Hangers, velvety hangers that are lightweight, ultra-thin, and the #1 selling product in the history of HSN or Clothes It All Luxury Carry All Luggage Set which lets you turn your roller into a portable closet with drawers. And then of course, you can catch Joy cooking up a storm with cutie-pie chef Todd English using their revolutionary GreenPan collection that uses Thermolon non-stick technology – the first completely PTFE-free (look that stuff up, it’s nasty!) non-stick cookware.

Although I’ve worked on HSN in the past, I never had the pleasure of meeting Joy, so I was thrilled to have her personally present her best selling, and soon-to-be best selling, inventions at a press presentation held at the Buckingham Hotel.

Joy Mangano showcases her Clothes It All Luxury Carry All Luggage
available at HSN
I had a 10am appointment and greeting me was this diminutive – in size but NOT in energy or presence – woman dressed in a sleek black pencil skirt and draped red blouse, with perfectly quaffed hair and a French manicure. Boy was I glad for my emergency, AM hair blowout! But, from our 45 minute appointment (which I actually thought would be 15-20 minutes) I learned Joy isn’t just a pretty face pedaling products. She is woman who, as HSN’s executive vice president Bill Brand puts it, “solves simple problem.” She reacts to her ahhhaaa moments, rather than sit on the sidelines and let others come up with the same concept. I love that!

Ladies, we should all try to channel a little big of Joy’s joy – love what we do, follow thru with our convictions, believe in ourselves and know our business inside and out. Yes, that last one is important! Don’t just be the face of something. Don’t just answer phones. Don’t just file tax papers. Don’t just go through the motions. To move up in life – even if you don’t plan to have your own company – it’s important to know the ins and outs of the field you are in. The important people will notice – trust me. When I was in college applying for magazine jobs, I used to review changes in the mastheads. I knew all the editors and their assistants – and last stories they worked on – as well as who owned what magazine and how they acquired it!

For more on Joy Mangano and her products, check out

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman


Angela Vale said...

Awesome Pamela!! I enjoyed your blog on Joy Mangano. She is truly an inspiring woman, as are you!! Thanks again, I enjoyed reading!!

Angela Vale
Scents of Tranquility

Maureen said...

So true-you should follow your passion in life! Enjoyed your article on Joy and love your blog! Follow you on twitter as @msmorev. Do you have a Google Friend Connect for your blog?