Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Treasure Tuesday, Enamel Hamsa Bracelet from Jewelry by Natalie: PAMELA PEKERMAN

I love Miami. I love religious jewelry. I love (ok I’m obsessed with) Café Bustelo. All three collided last week for a perfect trifecta of sunshine, sparkle and coco, when I met the ethereal and lovely Natalie Pomeranc of the newly launched (we’re talking about a week old) Jewelry by Natalie, at Café Bustelo on Collins Avenue in Miami.

Jewelry by Natalie is an uplifting costume jewelry brand with prices that can’t be beat. Everything is under $50 and as delicate and flawless as the adorable designer behind the brand. My eyes locked on an Enamel Hamsa bracelet. Each vibrant color on this piece is carefully painted in, then fired, and the process goes on until every minuscule nook is beaming with vibrancy. All that work and the piece is only $28. Below you’ll also see a Gold Coral Cuff ($48) that channels wonder woman and a Filigree Hamsa Necklace ($36). All prices include continental US shipping.

I know the Hamsa as a Jewish symbol of protection. It has been used to represent the five books of the Torah and the five senses to praise G-d. Hamsa also has Arabic roots where it is called the hand of Fatima, commemorating Fatima Zahra, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. Both cultures see it as a symbol to ward off evil. We may as well ward off bad vibes in style. I love to stack two or three on my wrist for extra protection.

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