Thursday, November 10, 2011

Travel Thursday, Chick On The Go: PAMELA PEKERMAN

Thanksgiving is two weeks away, which means many of you will be hitting the road or the sky to get stuffed with mom’s yummy stuffing and turkey! If packing stresses you out, you’ll love Chick on the Go, a convenient wardrobe in a bag with five pieces of black and white clothing and two sashes. The clothing items – black wide leg pant, black slip dress, white long sleeve V- neck shirt, white tank top, and a black poncho –combine to create a minimum of 25 looks. I’ve tested it – it’s true! My favorite ensemble is the pants combined with the poncho worn as a one shoulder top. If you’re not into the whole black and white look, pack a few colorful accents from, where all accessories are merchandise by color!

Chick on the Go costs $289, which comes out to be under $12 per look – and that’s only if you use the 25 suggested looks from the brand’s website. Ridiculous, right? This gets my craz-E town amazing stamp of approval!

Accessorizing your body, bedroom & beyond!
Pamela Pekerman


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