Tuesday, September 26, 2006

BAGTRENDS: DEAR BAG GURU Issue 2 - Animal Prints

Dear Bagistas,

It's Monday night and that means I'm hear to answer more questions.

Here's what came across my desk this week:

Dear Bag Guru: I've notices a lot of animal prints on coats, shirts, skirts, shoes, and bags. What is your take on this trend? Should I invest in an animal print? If yes, which print? - Shelley

Dear Shelley, Animal prints are wild again - pardon the pun. That being said, I've always found it to be a difficult trend particularly in clothing. I once heard a comedian say that the only women that can pull off animal prints are well-to-socialites and hookers. That kind of leaves the middle class gals out! And I have to say, I sort of agree with that assessment.

You need a lot of confidence to pull off a full length cheetah print coat or leopard print skirt. That's why you should play around with handbags - naturally. Try a small clutch or a bag that has a solid leather base with slight animal print accents. In terms of pricing, that's always up to your budget. I wouldn’t necessary invest in animal print bag, unless you see truly love the bag and will get mileage out of it. Below are a few choices at different price points.

As for the ideal animal print, I love anything black and white, so zebra is a favorite of mine. It's less in-your-face than leopard and works well with most outfits.
- The Bag Guru

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman

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