Monday, September 18, 2006

BAGTRENDS: DEAR BAG GURU - laptop bags + healthy back bags

Dear Bagistas,

This is the first installment of "Dear Bag Guru!" Keep your questions coming and I'll answer them every Monday.

  • Dear Bag Guru, Can you advise me on how and if I can possibly find a stylish laptop bag? I'd really like something that looks like any other stylish fashionable tote bag, but is sturdy and roomy enough to carry my laptop, mouse, power supply, paper pad, wallet and cell phone - IS THIS POSSIBLE? - Michele
  • Dear Michele, For laptop bags that are fashion forward, I would look at MARKA (each bag is named after an ex-boyfriend of one of the two designers, so there is a great back story to each design) and The later is more for travel, though the brand has introduced some slimmer everyday options. Also, consider Talene Reilly’s Sydney Bag which comes with the brands signature laptop compartment. It’s not too wide so it has a sleeker look.
    Finally, Rebecca Minkoff ’s Morning After Bag is not a traditional laptop bag, but can easily fit an iNotebook. (You can buy a
    laptop case to put inside any structured/sturdy bag.) - The Bag Guru

  • Dear Bag Guru, Can't consumer’s band together to demand that weight specifications be listed on each and every handbag price tag? Surely other women care about wrenched shoulders, back pain, chiropractic and podiatric injuries from lugging a high-fashion leather satchel with fringe and metal rivets all around town! - Patricia
  • Dear Patricia, I feel your pain - literally!! With all the hardware and especially thick chain handles that are in vogue now, weight is an issue. My suggestion is look for a shoulder bag versus a satchel so that you can at least push the bag to your back with your elbow (kind of like a faux backpack.) Also, if you are looking for a bag that is 100% comfy try the Healthy Back Bag from Ameribag. This is no Bulga or Balenciaga, but in leather isn't not so bad and it's ergonomically designed to the curves of your back. Before you ask, yes I do have one - in brown leather :). - The Bag Guru

Have a bag-a-licious day!

Pamela Pekerman


Hoobaby said...

Having to hold the power supply and accessories is a tough requirement. For shorter trips away I find Incase Designs bags really nice (you may have seen them in Apple stores, eg)

BagTrends said...

Hi hoobaby,

Great tip. Everyone, should check out

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman