Sunday, February 07, 2010

Robert Verdi's Twitter Party and Valentine's Day Tips: PAMELA PEKERMAN

Dear Bagistas,

I finally started going out to work functions, and what better way to reenter than attending a twitter party hosted by Robert Verdi? I have Robert Verdi career admiration, so these events are a real treat. Since 2004 or so, I’ve watched him on TV and had the chance to interview him three times during past New York fashion weeks. To be able to attend his parties – at his stylish NYC pad – is a bag-a-licious perk.

So what are these “Tweet This” parties? Well, it’s an ingenious business concept created by the Robert Verdi team where about two dozen influential tweeters come to his Lux Laboratory (the first floor event space above which is Robert’s personal penthouse) and hear about his favorite things for the holidays, valentines day, fashion week survival and more. As a guest, your job is to twitter throughout the event about the tips and products presented, and hash tag each tweet with #rvtips. The added bonus – on top of being there and having amazing access to my career ideal! – is that every item Robert mentions is gifted to the guests. I was in total shock the first time and felt like a guest at Oprah’s Favorite Things show, except this was the ear-to-ear smile, sunglasses wearing, best-bald-head ever Robert Verdi show (shameless plug here for Robert’s actual The Robert Verdi Show which premieres February 10 at 10pm on Logo - tune in every Wednesday for lots of laughs and fashion fun).

OK, so enough about me, here are three of the best v-day gifts as presented by Robert on January 19 at the last Tweet This party:

RJ Graziano Lucite Bubble Necklace – I’ve already worn mine and had a modern, Betty Rubble moment. I found one one eBay for $79, but it retails for $44. Unfortunalty, it sold out on most online department store sites.
DVF sunglasses – this is where I lost it because all things DVF are divine! This woman, mom, mogul and fashion icon is such an inspiration to me. I’d buy anything from her.
Cole Haan Voyage Jewelry Case – a must for any gal that likes to travel with a lot of jewelry (on sale now for $78)

The next Robert Verdi "Tweet This" party is February 12th. Don't forget to follow my tweets throughout the night -
If you have a fashion or design question for Robert leave a comment here or tweet it to me. Have a room you want him to review just link to a picture. I'll be sure to share as many of them as I can!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you lead the life. Sounds like it would be awesome!

Pamela Pekerman said...

well, it's quite awesome and it's important to remind myself of how blessed i am to do what i love. That being said, there certainly are days when i don't want to work, when my boss (which is usually me) is a real b**ch, and when nothing seems to go my way. It's always a balance - a blessed balance. ;)