Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Meeting Stylist and YRB Fashion Editor Darius Baptist: PAMELA PEKERMAN

Dear Bagistas,

Before I call it a night, I have another interesting person (and story) to share with you. Last Friday, while being shot for a feature profile in YRB Magazine on me as a handbag collector,- pretty cool, hu? - I had the pleasure of meeting the magazine's fashion director Darius Baptist. Darius is a trusted fashionisto and stylist to the stars. His list of credits is like a who's who in the fashion-media-celebrity world, but that hasn't turned this sweetheart into a divo. Check out what he did with Kim Kardashian, who was the cover model for the September issue of YRB. This look is all Darius' doing and this is how amazing and unique celebrities can look when they trust someone as visionary and creative as Darius. Snaps for you my friend. Can I call you my friend Darius? I mean you had me at "I love Ted Rossi"! (Side joke: We shot this at the Ted Rossi showroom in midtown Manhattan, because my office and home are under construction. Sebastian and Ted, of Ted Rossi, are very old friends of mine and they happen to be friends with Darius, as well. That's me, below, balancing Ted Rossi bags on my head. The actual professional shots are sure to be better.)

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman
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Anonymous said...

You look awesome in both of these pictures!