Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Treasure Tuesday, High-Low w/ $2Million Tiffany Earrings on Natalie Portman & Shoshanna Earrings from QVC: PAMELA PEKERMAN

Sunday evening was crazy town. My stomach is still recuperating from the pleasure of eating my husband's homemade (yes, dough too!) apple pie, and my eyes are equally still filled with delirium from the yellow-diamond earrings that dazzled on Natalie Portman at the SAG Awards. These two million dollar, tear drop earrings are total glam and my only hiccup is that they are borrowed. Gone are the days when gals like Elizabeth Taylor actually owned their diamonds. Ladies of Hollywood, if you make bank, invest in some REAL estate. Natalie, you are an amazing actress - and that's an understatement. You have many more years of great films to go. Get yourself these 27.95 carats of diamond goodness! Sure you might be photographed more than once in the same pair, but when they are these pears (had to go with the pun, sorry) who cares?

Now, as for the rest of us, I thought it best not to ruin these Tiffany beauties by offering a look-for-less, especially since getting a hue that is the perfect vibrant yellow of a yellow diamond is very hard, and anything less than perfection will look cheap. Instead, I found art-deco drop earring from Shoshanna on QVC that we can all enjoy ($27). Would you wear them? Which is your favorite color?

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Pamela Pekerman

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Ellen Ross said...

i def like the ones in the pic. id be happy with any of course :)
ellen ross
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