Friday, June 03, 2011

Footwear Friday, Manolo Blahnik for TOUS: PAMELA PEKERMAN

This isn’t a new piece. It was new over a month or two ago, when an exited pr gal (who’s a good friend of mine) told me she was sending me a charm necklace that was a collaboration between her client TOUS and renowned footwear designer Manolo Blahnik. I had planned to write a Footwear Friday post the moment I received it. However, I stopped myself. Was I in love with this piece simply because it was in the shape of the iconic Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane? Was it really worth $279 for a gold plated item? Gold plated! So, I resolved to wait until I could showcase this piece to my sister Michelle, a shoe fanatic who happens to also own the actual Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane in black patent leather (among many, many others). Last Friday, she was at my office and I presenter her with the item. She squealed. I laughed. She a-shoed me the necklace was certainly worth the price tag, if the wearer was a devoted shoe lover who really appreciated the piece and would wear in on a regular basis, thus making it less expensive based on the CPW (Cost Per Wear). Truth be told, the Manolo Blahnik for TOUS collection is very special, crafted to illustrate every minuet detail of the shoe, and even packaged in the most adorable little shoe box. Is there a footwear lover out there with a birthday coming up? Add this to your wish list.

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