Sunday, June 05, 2011

Slipper Sunday, Jonathan Adler Kissing Giraffes Rug: PAMELA PEKERMAN

Lately, I’ve been contemplating all the wonderful blessings that a child brings into the world. I’ve also begun to realize how much charm, ease and good nature we tend to loose as we develop into “mature adults”. To whit, it’s important to walk through life with a childish sensibility that always makes you want to question everything, and be excited by the smallest of good fortune. And, with that little philosophical nugget, allow me to present the silliest and most happy rug imaginable - Kissing Giraffes by Jonathan Adler $750. Some might think it belongs in a children’s play room, but I’m convinced this colorful wool concoction should accessorize my office. How can you sulk about one phone call or project gone array, when you have kissing giraffes under your feet?

PS Remember to embrace the now, smile for the sake of smiling, and have a happy and healthy weekend!

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Pamela Pekerman

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