Monday, June 13, 2011

Mystery Monday, TOMS Launches Eyewear and the Gift of Sight: PAMELA PEKERMAN

I’m sure by now we all know TOMS, the revolutionary shoe-meets-philanthropy company that donates a pair of shoes to someone in need, for every TOMS shoe purchase. Well, it seems TOMS founder Blake Mycoski’s entrepreneurial heart has more to give and create. Through his travels, he realized that many basic human needs are not being met around that world, and so he has morphed TOMS into the One for One™ company. The concept is similar to TOMS shoes, buy something and give something, but will expand to other products/services. The first step in the evolution of Mycoski’s company is the addition of TOMS eyewear and the gift of sight.

According to the brand’s website, “blindness and visual impairment is the seventh-largest health disability in the world. But in most cases it can be prevented or treated. In fact, available solutions, including medical treatment, prescription eyeglasses or a 15-minute cataract surgery, could impact 80% of people afflicted with vision impairment and blindness.” To think, that purchasing any one of the stylish women’s sunglasses featured above (there are options for men as well – think Father’s Day!!) can truly transforms the life of someone you probably will never meet, is simply heartwarming. I have my sights set on Classic 201 in Crystal Sea Foam $135.

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