Monday, July 18, 2011

Mystery Monday, Hollywood Fashion Secrets: PAMELA PEKERMAN

Wouldn’t we all like a fabulous celerity stylist by our side, ensuring every hair strand, hem line and bra strap is pulled, plucked and placed to perfection? For those who don’t have Rachel Zoe on speed dial, Hollywood Fashion Secrets is the next best thing. Buy one of everything they offer and you’ll be sure to have a solution for any fashion dilemma. I’m a huge fan of their Fashion Tape $8.99 – it really is the strongest hold and the only product I trust when I go on air. Another goody is the Temporary Hem Tape ($7.99), because sometimes you want to wear your favorite jeans with flats and sometimes you want to amp up the sexy (and lower the hem line) with sky-high Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Platform Sandals. Whether your boobies need a lift or your pants need help staying tucked into boots, there are Hollywood Fashion Secrets waiting to be revealed.

Have you been saved by Hollywood Fashion Secrets? Which product would be most useful for you? If you had to create a solution to a common fashion emergency, what would you create? Share your comments!

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Pamela Pekerman
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