Thursday, May 25, 2006

Initials First - LV Fun Fact

As you may know from Tuesday's FashionTribes podcast, I'm planning a trip to Eastern Europe. Naturally, the big question is, what luggage should I take? I came across a great article in TIME Magazine. Normally, I would scan a picture, but my machine is broken. Here's a fun fact I learned:

"The easiest way to identify luggage on the claim carousel is still old-fashioned initials. The idea of customizing travel gear started in France in 1854, when Louis Vuitton, a purveyor of steamer trunks, began hand-painting initials on its goods. Gaston-Louis, a grandson of Vuitton's founder, was obsessed with the trend of customization, particularly the use of stickers as a way of identifying a trunk's journey around the world. Today Louis Vuitton still offers personalization services--including hand-painting initials, stripes and crests in a choice of 15 colors. "

I'm debating getting my Speedy 30 customized. I think I'll drop by the flagship store on 5th Avenue to find out how much it costs. There's something so chic about customized travel pieces. Ah, to dream . . .

Have a bag-a-licious day,
Pamela Pekerman

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