Sunday, October 29, 2006

Anthropology Handbag Sale: BAGTRENDS BLOG

Dear Bagistas,

This week, I had planned to fly to Iceland to cover Iceland Fashion Week (yes, EVERY city wants some fashion action). Sadly, this year’s festivities were cancelled due to sponsorship issues. That only means I have more time to devote to appointments, viewing new lines and scoping out bag-a-licious trends!

With that, I found some fabulous bags on sale at which I wanted to point out. As a buyer myself, I know for a fact that some of these prices are below wholesale, so you are getting a GREAT deal!
SIDE NOTE: Is it just me or is anyone else irked that Anthropology never lists the name of the designer on their web site? I have added a.k.a. notes about the brand incase you want to look into pricing further.)

Deserted Beach Bag (Ananas' Medium Nicky) Was: $528.00Now: $259.95

Leather Tycoon Satchel (aka Tabitha's Quinny bag) Was: $298.00Now: $199.95 ( new colors available here)

Sly Fox Handbag (Due Farina's Damidot 2-in-1 Bag) Was: $578.00Now: $299.95

Angeleno Sling Bag (Anna Carinna's Manhattan Bag) Was: $388.00Now: $199.95

Have a bag-a-licious day!

Pamela Pekerman

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