Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mary Norton's Spring Summer 2009 Bags and Shoes Preview: BAGTRENDS

Dear Bagistas,

It was a crazy week of flying, handbags, and fun. Now that I’m back from Florida and well rested, I wanted to catch up and share thoughts on the many previews I’ve attended over the past week. On Tuesday I had the pleasure of checking out the Spring-Summer 2009 collections from two of my favorite lines - Mary Norton and MCM. Mary was first at 9am. I love coming in to see her (we get to see each other about four times a year in NY, though I’m forever promising to come by her shop and headquarters in South Carolina.) She’s a true lady, always prim and proper, well quaffed, tailored skirt. The first time we met, Mary’s left arm was in a sling – never has any woman looked chicer in a sling. “Chic in a Sling” – that should be a trend piece :) and we can see how many gals can really pull it off. But, I digress - as usual.

The Bags... The assortment of evening bags were phenomenal. The inspiration for spring is the five senses, and certainly all of mine were on overload. Of course SIGHT refers to all the bags (because, well, you can see them – ya not the best one). Then there was a group for TASTE, particularly influenced by candy. Cotton candy colors of fuchsia, yellow and orange or sky blue, lavender and white are found on Mary Norton’s signature feather bags. Jelly bean prints are found on small chain purses and shoes. (The jellies didn't gel with me - not my favorite grouping, to be honest). TOUCH is evoked in fun tassels, that Mary is now going to make a signature piece of her collection. There were tassels inspired by the empire state building, jelly beans and with feathers. For SOUND, 80’s disco balls and record-like print embroidery was used. Finally, my favorite group and inspiration was leather orchids which referenced SMELL. Take a look at the images, are they not to die for? Prices will kill you too, but this is the quality work produced in Italy and supervised by the marvelous Mary Norton herself. Enjoy the images below. And, let me know what you think. Oh and check out the newly revamped – they have ecommerce. You can also get Mary at

Shop Mary Norton's fab fall 2008 collection:

My next post will be about MCM ... stay tuned.

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman
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