Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Michelle Obama Purse-onal Panache by Pamela Pekerman: BAGTRENDS

Dear Bagistas,

I was working on a segment pitch for CNN, but a million and one things got in the way - such a shame. So that my good thoughts -hehe - don’t go to waist, I decided to share them here with you. I’m of the belief that every woman has a Purse-onal PanacheTM, a handbag style that is uniquely suited to her. To decipher once Purse-onal PanacheTM you only need to examine your lifestyle, existing fashion choices, home decor, favorite colors, favorite icons/personalities and really uncover what you want to project to the world. After all it is the handbag, more than ANY other accessory or piece of clothing, which is seen the most and garners the attention.

Now, to Michelle Obama - who very well might become the next first lady in less that 12 hours. Based on what I’ve read about her, images in the media, interviews and other evidence, she is:
- on-the-go, focused, passionate and ambitious
- family centered AND career driven, she finds balance and doesn’t want to give up either
- isn’t afraid of trying new designers and embracing change
- enjoys fine brands, but can mix-it-up with some H&M
- loves a shift dress, more of a dress than suite gal in general
- enjoys unique colors, unconventional for many ladies on the trail (emerald green, plum)
What does this say about her political views and that of her husband, Barack Obama? That’s something I was doing to delve into on CNN, but for now her Purse-onal PanacheTM.

Based on the above observations, Michelle is a lover of TOTES. She wants something she can fit her files, maybe a laptop, a newspaper and her wallet (full of family images). The tote needs to have enough of a drop to fit over the shoulder (being on the go she needs options). Michelle would also need at least two pockets inside the bag (wallet/ keys/ makeup) and ideally one on the outside to have easy-access to her Blackberry. I would give her a new designer like m. Clifford Designs and recommend the Terrell Tote in grey or navy (both not your basic black, but still not too wild - she is a first lady, after all).

If I’m still up to it at midnight, once more states are called, I’ll do Purse-onal PanacheTM for Cindy McCain.

VOTE if you still have not and your polls are open !

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman
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