Monday, April 25, 2011

Press, Royal Wedding and Bridal Accessories on Better TV: PAMELA PEKERMAN

Royal Wedding fever has reached a we-are-way-past-needing-Tylenol pitch. Are you planning a party this Friday to celebrate the nuptials of Prince William to Kate Middleton? In addition to the food (fish sticks anyone?) and décor, go all out and dress up in wedding attire – don’t forget to accent with some of my must-have wedding accessories.

In case you missed it, last week I shared my top wedding accessories on BETTER TV. Big hugs to BETTER co-host Rhiannon Ally, who always looks flawless. I never saw beige look so sexy! Work it.  

Pamela Pekerman with host Rhiannon Ally on BETTER TV showcasing bridal accessories.

Thank you to Tanya and the team at Alison Brod PR for my dress.

Yes, I'm aware my last name is spelled wrong in this segment. This happens way too often. Ugg. I need to be on top of producers with the correct info and title. I was once called "boot babe" during a boot trends segment in Miami. Not cool!

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