Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ann Taylor Coral Statement Necklace spring 2011: PAMELA PEKERMAN

I need to be honest ladies and gentlemen, I have not purchased costume jewelry in nearly a decade. Everything I own, and it’s a lot, has fancifully appeared in my closet thanks to swag or gifts from friends – wish I could say the same about my diamonds and other fine jewelry. But, that spending pattern changed last Thursday when I found myself drooling over the latest collection of gold, coral and turquoise jewelry at the Ann Taylor store on 52nd and 3rd Avenue. I dubbed it "Lebanon chic" (probably because I’m heading to those parts over the summer) when the collection was presented several months ago. The Coral Statement Necklace ($98) has drama, color and an antique-feel I crave in all my baubles. This piece is so hot, it has sold out online. Call your local store ASAP, if interested. If you strike out, take shopping solace by picking up the equally lovely Coral Casting Ring ($38).
Ann Taylor, Coral Statement Necklace Spring2011.

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