Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Treasure Tuesday, Jessica Ricci’s Roman Lace Double Cuff Bracelet: PAMELA PEKERMAN

There’s nothing like a great piece of jewelry that also comes with a fascinating story. Jessica Ricci’s creations always come with a treasured tale of inspiration and innovation. This particular cuff was made from a sample of lace the designer found in her favorite outdoor market in Rome – already, visions of my own adventures in the Italian capital flash before my mind. Jessica had passed the linen vendor for years, admiring the femininity of the lace. When she began to make jewelry, she decided to cast the linen in brass and plate it in gold to create a cuff with a delicate and ethereal look. Thus, we have the Roman Lace Double Cuff Bracelet ($220), the newest addition to my ridiculously overindulged cuff collection. Take a look at Jessica’s other collections and sources of inspiration. Spiritus Graffiti, Latin phrases inspired by antique Roman graffiti, makes for a unique statement around your neck and a chance to brush up on classic Latin phrases you probably haven’t uttered since high school.

Jessica Ricci's Roman Lace Double Cuff Bracelet, $220. Photo: Cameo PR
PS Shout out to Malorie from Cameo PR for hosting an amazing fall 2011 preview last week with Jessica Ricci and others. Location, presenation and company were all flawless. Anyone looking for a firm specializing in accessories needs to call this pr diva asap.

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