Monday, July 14, 2008

Loving the Loews Philadelphia: BAGTRENDS

Dear Bagistas,

What a hectic month it has been. I went from HSN (in Florida), back to NYC for one day, then off to Philadelphia to tape a beach bag segment for Your Morning on the Comcast Network, then back home to NY and woke up the following morning to prep for another beach bag segment in NYC for BETTER TV (watch me on Better TV here). It’s all very exciting, but ridiculously exhausting. That’s why I’m always happy to stay at nice, relaxing hotels. The Hilton in Florida was really nice and I had a killer view of the water and wooden walking bridges – total tranquility.

My hotel of choice in Philly was The Loews. I stayed there back in May when I shot my first piece for Your Morning on Sex and The City handbag trends for less. It’s super convenient for me, given that the show films in the hotel. But after staying there twice I can also highly recommend it if you’re planning a weekend trip to the area. The location is perfectly centered to all the museums, the historic district, little cafes, antiques row, and other attractions (including the Liberty Bell, a true tourist trap you can skip!) My room, especially this second time, was phenomenal. I got the biggest “regular” room I’ve ever scene. No joke! I was able to do about 6 cartwheels across the length of the room – yes I actually counted. The staff is very king, to boot. They provided countless towels for me to stuff the beach bags, helped guide me to perfect eating spots, and even gave me and my guest complimentary bottles of water on our way home. A nice staff makes a hotel! 100% consider the Loews. OK, that's my bit of travel advice...I'm still sticking to the bags :)

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman
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Anonymous said...

omg! I'm in DC and I saw your segment. I loved the Coach bag, but it's a bit pricey for me. I actually got that Hurley bag you mentioned, but in white. zappos was all out of the yellow by the time I checked. So funny, I have a wedding in Philadelphia in Sept. I'll check out the loews -thanks for the heads up. I'd much rather stay at a hotel than with family.

Anonymous said...

Loved the Better TV segment! I am definitely loving the whole ethnic inspired beach bags, must splurge on the Tory Burch. And by the way, I agree on the Loews Hotel! I stayed at the one in NYC on Park Ave awhile back and it was amazing. Very chic and New York. I highly recommend it! Looking forward to your next post =)