Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Mystery Monday, Case-Mate iPhone 4 Bounce w Pong Radiation Reducing Technology: PAMELA PEKERMAN

Dear Bagistas,

Case-Mate iPhone 4 Bounce -Pong Radiation Reducing Technology  
Happy New Year and greetings from Los Cabos, Mexico. I´m recharging my battery and thoroughly excited for the year ahead - this bouncing rabbit is going places, as are all of you, I´m sure! What better way to kick off the year and than to highlight an accessory that is supposed to help you stay healthy.

I´m sure you have heard all the chatter on cable news networks about cellphones causing cancer due to high levels of radiation. One time, I even saw an x-ray of a human brain where the cancer was by the ear and almost in the shape of the phone! In November, my pr friends at Kaplow invited me to preview the latest goodies from Case-Mate and it was there that I learned about the Bounce case. The Bounce is supposed to redirect your cell phone’s electromagnetic energy away from your head. Currently only available for the iPhone 4, the case is built with Pong technology. It’s the only technology certified by the Federal Communications Commission proven to decrease overall cell phone radiation by 60%. I can´t do an independent study and vouch for it´s effectiveness, as I can with other accessories I spotlight, but the Bounce is worth a shot even if it deflects 10% of the radiation away from your body. Take a moment to read the handy manual that comes with your current blackberry or iPhone - the manufacturer actually warns you, in very small font, of the dangers associated with your phone. Be smart, be healthy and use protection -- for the cells people, what did you think I was talking about?

If you have purchased Case-Mate´s Bounce, please post a review.

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Pamela Pekerman 


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