Thursday, January 13, 2011

Travel Thursday, Oughton Limited Field Tote in Phony Pony: PAMELA PEKERMAN

Dear Bagistas,

I’m packing my bags for Sundance – it’s time to rub elbows with the cool Hollywood kids like Natalie Portman and Shia Labeouf. OK, so I’m not actually going to the Sundance Film Festival this year. But, were I to go, the Field Tote in Phony Pony from Oughton Limited ($350) would be my traveling companion. It’s the perfect carry-on handbag that can easily transition into your day bag, once you reach your cold destination. (No fur handbags in Mexico ladies). The Italian faux hair tote is camera-ready for the slops scene, with an open top and easy-access inner pockets for your iphone. After all, you’ll want to snap all your favorite actors and of course the Kardashian girls – they will be there; they are everywhere!!
Oughton Limited's Field Tote in Phony Pony.
 Oughton Limited is inspired by the equestrian life and you actually get a sense of regal pride and simplicity from looking at these bags. There’s nothing razzle-dazzle about them, but then again a well-bred horse doesn’t need anything except a polished mane to look powerful and poised for the race. The woman who carries an Oughton Limited handbag doesn’t need to scream style via excess hardware or bold color choices. She’s a lady who speaks softly with her accessory choices, yet everyone hears her statement. And, when I’m at the airport, there is nothing I love more than seeing a woman just like this walking through the airport in ballet flats, wearing black trousers or leggings, a long-sleeve white men’s shirt and a refined carry-on tote. Oh, just the vision makes me long to sit at JFK and wait for her to walk by.

Have you seen this woman too? How do you like to accessorize your travels?

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Pamela Pekerman
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