Monday, May 16, 2011

Mystery Monday, Hot Red Snakeskin Footzyrolls benefiting Ilya Peckerman Fund for Vasculitis Foundation: PAMELA PEKERMAN

I’m so excited that another brand has generously joined the Shop 4 Vasculits campaign. As anyone who has interned for me, attended my Accessorize for the Holidays event, or spotted me at the airport knows, I’m obsessed with Footzyrools. I LOVE heels, but my back does not. Footzyrolls are always in my bag when I’m walking in the concrete jungles of Manhattan, Miami or Los Angeles. They are my stylish backup plan and now when you purchase Footzyrolls in Red Hot Snakeskin, you’ll be helping support the Ilya Peckerman Fund. 30% of the profit will go directly to our cause, which benefits the Vasculitis Foundation. My family is grateful to Sarah and Jenifer Caplan, the entrepreneurial sister-duo behind Footzyrolls, for supporting Shop 4 Vasculitis and the Ilya Peckerman Fund.

Footzyrolls in Red Hot Snakeskin, 30% benefiting Ilya Peckerman Fund for Vasculitis Foundation.
Buy your Red Hot Snakeskin Footzyrolls ($30) and make a difference.

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Pamela Pekerman
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