Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Treasure Tuesday, Alexis Bittar Pave Crystal Ring: PAMELA PEKERMAN

Knock out the fashion competition – literally – during the upcoming summer cocktail party scene, with this show-stopping ring. Alexis Bittar’s Pave Crystal Ring is accented with Pave Swarovski, Czech crystals and studs, in Champaign, pewter and soft silver. The pallet will blend well with any style choice from a yellow Maxi dress to blush shorts and a black tank top, providing you with a rather low CPW (Cost Per Wear) value. In fact, it’s quite possible you’ll wear this ring at least once a week for the entire summer (not counting future wear next year and during the upcoming holiday season!) Counting June through August, that would make the CPW value about $23, practically a steal for such a gem of a ring. Ladies, practice this rational with your husbands. It works on mine!

Alexis Bittar's Pave Crystal Rng, Spring 2011. Photo: BergdorfGoodman.com
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Pamela Pekerman
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Anonymous said...

I want a Swarovski ring!