Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bag-a-licious times in the Dominican Republic: BAGTRENDS

Dear Bagistas,

I'm in the Dominican Republic on a long overdue vacation – hence my MIA status. But, don't fret I'm here in all my bag-a-licious regalia with no less than 5 bags. Come to think of it that's actually really good considering I've done worse, but I tried to edit myself this time.

My 5 resort essential bags include:
1. black Rebecca Minkoff clutch - simple, leather, goes with everything, after all vacations are about hassle free, 123 dressing. That's me last night in my new DVF dress with this very bag. I also keep it within my massive Gucci (which on this trip I use as my work bag - fits the laptop, planner and other essentials)
2. Gucci Pelham shoulder bag (as mentioned above) It goes so well with my gold and white Jour Nuit flats and gold Ted Rossi cuff
3. a white terry backpack for the beach - simple and chic, and easy to wash (though I must confess I regret not getting that Rafe bag I so bag-a-licious mentioned last Friday on bagtrends ... just ran out of time.)
4. a tan leather and straw clutch with detachable chain from Savoy (which is a brand that's in the process of rebranding and really on good for summer looks, everything else is a bit on the vanilla (aka boring) side
5. another Savoy bag - this one a one-of-a-kind, super fun belt bag - not FANNY but belt bag and it's really cool. I've only worn it once prior in New York. It has a fun white and brown pattern and with white linen pants and a tight white tank it will look nice. I'll be sure to share that fashion moment later on in the week.

I'm heading off to grab some drinks and switch from Gucci to my tan and straw clutch.

As always I'm wishing you to ...

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman


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