Thursday, January 03, 2008

My Purse-onal New Years Resolution: BAGTRENDS

Dear Bagistas,

Happy New Year! Was it a blast? I went the family route and celebrated with my preggies :) sister, brother-in-law, many of their friends and my bf Steve. It was the first New Years in my sister's new home so it was very nice. But back to bags ... My New Year's resolution is to commit to blogging more. I launched this blog to occasionally pop in share info that may not fit or have time to be laid out on the main bagtrends site. But, for 2008 what I really want to do is focus on the actual mission statement of this blog which, as it says above, is to share my daily dose of bag-a-licious news. But let's expand on that: my new mission is to share news, yes, but to also let you into my world - what it's like to be a handbag editor, an entrepreneur and bag-a-licious gal-about town. I think you'll find it funny and inspirational - I have been told I'm a good motivator, so maybe reading about my daily happenings will inspire you to launch a business!! Maybe at times you'll find it annoying - I do complain about excessive events that one has to attend to really be out there in this business. Yes it's glamorous on the outside – a nice dress, a fabulous bag, cocktails and swag galore - but when I get home (oh and “home” is about 1 hour 30 minutes from the city!) it’s boxing orders for the shop, planning out the next days agenda, beginning and sometimes finishing a story about the evening for one of my freelance gigs …. Yada yada. I know you feel bad for me right? No, I’m sure you don’t. Because hell’s ya it’s a good life overall. I’m my own boss, I have access to amazing handbags – some I get to keep!, I’ve interviewed everyone from Marc Jacobs to Zac Posen to Tracy Reese (PS she’s my fav designer by far), I’ve been invited to share my scoop on Vh-1 and HSN, and so much more. OK, where was I, of ya, so my goal is to share the fun, the fashion, the frustration and the fiesta that is My Bag-a-licious Life. All bagistas aboard … cho choo

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman

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