Thursday, January 03, 2008

Handbag-a-day, Life Really is Bag-a-licious: BAGTRENDS

Dear Bagistas,

For New Years, my lovely bf gave me the Handbags Page-a-Day desk calendar. Don’t you just love when they get the simple gifts right? What better way to start the day than viewing bags? I love that there seems to be a fair mix of 1990’s it bags, vintage, historic bags dating back to the 17th century, crafty concoctions – not really my cup of tea, but still fun to look at – and a few 21st century creations. The vintage looks from the 30’s through the 50’s are really neat. I love all the dainty structured satchels and purses. The whole lady-like vibe is very much my personal aesthetic. I guess that’s why I’m drawn to designers like Tracey Reese and Nanette Leapore and handbag designers like Lulu Guinness, Anya Hindmarch and Mary Norton. Just looking at this one white Scotti-frame crocheted purse (circa 1940s) I know I've found my dream resort bag. Now it only I could find it? Huumm maybe I'll check out some consignment shops in the city when I get back from vacation? The scanner is on the skids, but once it gets going I’ll show you some of the great finds I'm currently salivating over.

Have a bag-a-licious day!
Pamela Pekerman


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Patricia said...

Love your blog! I'm going to add it among the blogs I recommend. Have a sxy day! Patricia, Sxy Fashion Queen